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Proactive Monitoring

Tech Watcher

Proactive Monitoring provides insight on how computers are performing, along with identifying potential areas of risk 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
Tech Watcher Bronze is a FREE client side monitor that will alert you of computer issues as they occur. Once alerted, you can google the remedy or contact us for remediaton.

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Billed monthly

Emailed Alerts



Billed monthly

24/7 Monitoring
Service Requests



Billed monthly

Antivirus Monitoring
Virus Definition Updates
Virus Removal



Billed monthly

Internet Security
Virus Removal

Computer Set Up

Hire a Professional to set up your new computer and optimize its performance.

One time Set Up fee


1 User Account
Removing Unwanted Programs Operating System Configurations
​​​​​​​OS Security Patches


2 User Accounts
Install Office (License Sold Separately) Install & Configure Security ​​​​​​​ ​
​​​​​​​Security & Performance Configuration


4 User Accounts
Configure Peripherals (Up to 6)
Data Assurance
Fix Software Conflicts

Virtual CIO

We will keep your business up and running for you. Don't worry about the technical detail about your proactive approach and layers of threat protection. just witness how smooth you it works and understand that even in a disaster your technology is covered.

$300 Set Up
$150 per Server
​​​​​​​$80 per Location
$50 per account monthly

Asset Tracking
Mob Email Support
Proactive Device Monitoring
Performance Health Reporting
Enhance Security & Firewall Support

$400 Set Up
$150 per Server
​​​​​​​$260 per Location
$100 per account monthly

Comprehensive Software Support
Onsite Support
Server OS Monitoring
Server Monitoring
Backup 500Gb
Active Directory Management
Hardware Support

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Remote Backup

Backup your files and date to pur remote secure server for the low price of $1 per GB

Hourly Tech Support

Contact us to come in house and fix your IT problems

Remote Server Monitoring

We can remotely manage your devices and work on problem at any given time from our home office